Bonding with the baby developing inside you


You will lay the foundation for a deep and meaningful connection.


You will be in touch with your and your baby's wisdom and emotions.


You will discover the in-utero feelings.


You will create the space for you to feel and connect with the magic and mystery of this time.

You will practice being present and mindful.


You will explore and experience slowing down to "baby time".


You will discover how your thoughts and feelings affect your baby and practice communicating them in a meaningful dialog that will yield insights and understanding.


 You will be able to process fears and tensions, and better manage stress.

You and your baby will acquire tools to help ease and support the transition to giving birth, being born and  the adjustment that will follow.


You will welcome your baby into the world, already having a forged a deep, meaningful and trusting bond, together. 


Bonding with the baby developing inside you


be present, be connected, be in love