PRENATALBONDING(BA)™ is the remarkable journey connecting soon-to-be moms with their unborn babies. Through weekly, facilitated sessions, pregnancy becomes a new pathway, creating space for mothers to learn about their baby’s unique personalities and innate wisdom.

By the 38th week, the mother-baby bond is already well formed, and new life begins with a deep sense of confidence and trust. During private, Prenatal Bonding (BA) sessions, mothers and babies will develop their own dialog, yielding profound insights and acquiring powerful tools supporting childbirth as well as the postpartum period and beyond.


Babies whose mothers participate in Prenatal Bonding (BA) are consistently more calm and easily comforted, often possessing an unusual readiness to discover him or herself, and the world around them, with confidence and curiosity. Likewise, motherhood is begun with markedly less likelihood of obstetrical interventions, anxiety and depression.


We welcome expectant mothers to begin their Prenatal Bonding (BA) journey at week 15 or later. Fathers/partners are also encouraged to participate.



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